SFMOMA App – A multi award-winning, location-aware museum app, developed by SFMOMA with Detour, that WIRED said “will forever change how you enjoy museums.” I co-led the mobile UX strategy and socialized the design and strategy across the organization. I also spearheaded the app content strategy and executive produced all of the app content (audio, video, text elements). Along the way, I had the privilege of commissioning work from talented scriptwriters, producers, and storytellers including Avery Trufelman, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Errol Morris, Marina Gorbis, Eli Horowitz, Third Coast International Audio Festival and more. 

SFMOMA Photo interpretive Gallery – The mission of SFMOMA’s Photography Interpretive Gallery is to advance visual literacy, encouraging visitors to cast a more critical eye on the flood of images they make and receive in this age of smartphones and social media.

Developed in partnership with Second Story, the 1,500-square foot drop-in space is contiguous with the museum’s Sightglass coffee bar; thus it acts simultaneously as educational center and gathering place. Free WiFi and comfortable seating encourage guests to linger, discuss, and reflect. The three digital exhibits within the space—Self-Composed, In Their Own Words, and The View from Hereeach explore photography from a different angle.

MoMA LearningMoMA Learning—an award-winning online resource for teachers and lifelong learners alike—seeks to mitigate a decline in arts education and funding in the United States and beyond. Through a combination of clear and concise writing, downloadable resources, and rich media content, the site democratizes access to modern and contemporary and encourages a self-guided, anytime-anywhere approach to arts education.

Artist Interviews – Doris Salcedo, Ann Hamilton, Matthew Barney, Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall,Chris Johansonthey’re amongst the dozens of artists I’ve interviewed on the job at SFMOMA and MoMA. Speaking with artists and creatives, and sharing their stories with a global audience, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working in the arts.

Art & Activity MOOC -Art can be a powerful catalyst for building skills, critical thinking, and understanding across subjects. Art & Activity delves into activity-based strategies that will turn students into empowered participants in their own learning. As a co-instructor for MoMA’s groundbreaking MOOC (Massively Open Online Course), I continue to reach tens of thousands of primary and secondary school teachers worldwide, and across all disciplines.

SFMOMA podcasts – In 2005, I launched, scripted, produced, and edited the museum sector’s first sustained podcast series. For the next ten years, SFMOMA Artcasts brought art to audiences (and earbuds) through exclusive interviews with artists, writers, and luminaries.  Now I serve as a consulting editor on the museum’s new podcast series Raw Material. Archived episodes of the original, award-winning Artcast series are available online.